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Welcome to Orbit Medical Entrance Preparation

Orbit established in the year 2008 is one of the leading and most sought after institutes for Medical Entrance Preparation in the country.

Orbit MBBS Entrance programme provides students an exclusive opportunity to familiarize themselves with vital aspects and practical dimension to this learning. The course is taught by the finest and immensely proficient team of teachers from around the country and India as well. By today hundreds of aspirants have been benefitted from this institute. Orbit enables one to equip with the enhanced knowledge and skills required to make him or her able to analyze and apply the knowledge and skills to problem solving.

If you are an ambitious enthusiast with a burning ambitiffon and passion to raise the bar of success in todays competitive world, Orbit cordially invites you to explore countless easy-to-apply secrets and to develop fast understanding with numerous illustrations and tips pertaining to the course so as to make your dream come true. Join Orbit and thank your foresight.

Latest teaching methodologies
Individual care to our students
Focused on enrichment of faculty
Results-oriented proven track record
Student centered E-Learning System
Extended enterprise

Orbit E-Learning

We are quite excited to finally launch our complete E-learning web and mobile App for the complete preparation of your tests. It provides both subjective as well as objective real time tests along with different test modules. The time based real test quiz system makes you sharp in solving problems quickly.


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काठमाडौं फरेष्ट्रि कलेजबाट प्राप्त (B.SC. Forestry विषय) स्नातक तहको छात्रवृत्तिमा अन्तिम मनोनयन ( final-nomination) गरीएको सम्बन्धी अत्यन्त जरुरी सूचना

काठमाडौं फरेष्ट्रि कलेजबाट प्राप्त (B.SC. Forestry विषय) स्नातक तहको छात्रवृत्तिमा अन्तिम मनोनयन ( f...

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MOE-EGYPT MD/MS Pre Nomination List

इजिप्ट सरकारले उपलब्ध गराएको स्नातकोत्तर ( MD/MS )तहको छात्रवृत्तिमा मनोनयन ( pre-nomination) सम्बन्...

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MOE -MBBS EGYPT Pre Nomination List

जिप्ट सरकारले उपलब्ध गराएको स्नातक (MBBS )तहको छात्रवृत्तिमा सूची समायोजन गरी पूर्व मनोनयन ( pre-nom...

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फरेष्ट्री (Forestry) स्नातक तहका लागि निशुल्क अध्ययन (छात्रवृत्तिमा_ मनोनयनका लागि दरखास्त माग सम्बन...

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Postgraduate MD/MS (Basic and Clinical Sciences)/MDS program for Academic Session 2017

     Admission Notice Postgraduate MD/MS (Basic and Clinical Sciences)/MDS p...